Investments offer is fairly young and in need of stable funding for the development and implementation of the business concept. In possession we have all the necessary technical base, which consists of ASIC processor cryptocurrency miners and computer network to service two data centers that are in the leasing premises.

To cover current expenses and bank loan the company offers its services in the market of international investments. The simplicity and transparency of the terms are in the form of investment package that offers a fixed rate of profit - up to 12% daily within seven days a week.

To become an investor of you will need a minimum of required actions. To get started, register an account and check the terms of cooperation below in this section. Given the fact that we offer one single investment strategy, you will only determine the size of your deposit. The minimum amount that you can send as a principal deposit is just $10. The company only accepts Bitcoin, this is our main financial instrument.

Profit is accrued during seven days a week. The first one is after 1 hour after the addition of your deposit in your account. All your deposits will run forever, it means that you can invest just once to get profits consistently, day after day, until the company decides about the change of conditions. Earnings are gathered on your account balance, where you can withdraw any amount over $ 0.10. No additional limitations exist - you can withdraw any profits according to a schedule that you will make by yourself!

Moreover, the company does not have any restrictions nor in the maximum amount of the deposit, nor in their numbers. You can have as many deposits at the same time as you want.

In addition to favorable investment proposal, you can take advantage of the affiliate program and earn an additional up to 12% of every deposit of your referral. Read more in the «Affiliates» section.

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